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Sunday, March 15, 2009

19 Ways to Feed the Hungry for FREE!

EVERY DAY, 18,000 Children Die from Starvation - FREE FOOD DONATION CLICKS BELOW!

=Staple Foods=
1.http://www. freerice. com - Free Rice
2.http://www. freeflour. com - Free Bread

=Free Water=
3.http://www. freepoverty. com - Lots of free water!
4.http://www. helpthirst. com - Free water

=Free Meals=
5.http://www. bhook. com - Just Click!
6.http://www. pajacyk. pl - Click the green button!
7.http://www. ripple. org/give. php?p=food - Just Click!
8.http://www. porloschicos. com/PorLosChicos. NET/index_english. htm - Click the blue button!
9.http://www. feedsa. com - Click the white button!
10.http://www. hungerfighters. com - Click the green box!
11.http://www. povertyfighters. com/ - Click the blue box!
12.http://www. thehungersite. com - Click the yellow box!
13.http://www. okruszek. org. pl - Click the Bread button!
14.http://www. chintai. net/contribution/index. html - Click the blue box!
15.http://www. kct-uk. org/click - Just visit the site!
16.http://www. straatkind. nl/ - Click on the small red ball.
17.http://www. worldhunger. org/contributefood. htm - Just click!

Help the kids:
18.http://children. care2. com - Click the blue box!
19.http://www. hungrychildren. com - Click the blue button!

How Does This Work?
Each time you simply Click the site's "Free Click Button", charitable partners of that particular organization DONATES FOOD to those who need it most!

Please Help Feed Some Hungry Tummies Today!

it's like giving little kisses with each click!


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